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What does organic mean?

Organic Maqui Berry

The term ‘organic’ when used in conjunction with food: refers to produce that has been grown naturally, without the use of harmful man-made chemicals used in pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers.

Residue from these toxic chemicals used in conventional farming is absorbed into the fruit and vegetables you eat and is potentially carcinogenic (cancer causing) and oestrogenic.

In terms of farming practises; organically grown produce is grown using responsible and sustainable farming methods. The soil is rich in minerals as a result from not being over-farmed and treated with harmful chemical fertilisers. Therefore organic produce is a lot healthier than conventionally farmed produce.

Organic farming methods cost more to produce, yield less in volume but produce far superior crops.

Produce grown organically is scientifically proven to contain the highest levels of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants without exposure to potentially harmful chemicals.

Importance of Organic

Do you really want to be consuming deadly pesticides with your food? If the answer is no then you need to look at switching over to organic alternatives where possible.

Due to the increased use of pesticides, chemical fertilisers and over-farming; it is often found that the soils non-organic fruit and vegetables are grown in is depleted and lacks important nutrients and minerals. This means that many of the health benefits of your food are being lost.

The poisonous chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers used in conventional farming can destroy a large percentage of the microbial (bacteria and fungi) activity in the soil that help to make minerals more easily absorbed into the plants root system. Conventional farming degrades the soil which results in much lower nutrient levels in the plants that you eat.

Organic Maqui Berry

In organic farming these poisonous chemicals are not used so the soil is healthier and more biologically active. Fungi and bacteria aid the plant roots with the uptake of minerals and nutrients. The plants roots can therefore obtain more nutrition which produces foods with higher micro-nutrient levels which are healthier to eat.

Many scientists believe that the heavy use of chemical fertilisers which make crops grow much faster than normal; leads to the plants developing a shallower root system. This shallower root system inherently absorbs less micro-nutrients from the soil compared to organically grown plants that are forced to have deeper, more extensive root systems to obtain all of the nutrients and minerals the plant needs.

By making the conscious decision to buy organic food; you are reducing the amount of deadly toxic chemicals that are going into your body and also reducing contamination of our rivers and underground water tables from chemical runoff.

The importance of seeking out natural organic alternatives for our food, beauty and household products cannot be underestimated. Every day of our lives, we unavoidably absorb many different potentially dangerous toxins. Our bodies are being exposed to increased levels of toxins and pollutants; which are digested, inhaled or rubbed into our skin.

Many studies have been carried out throughout the world that confirms beyond any doubt that the gradual build-up of these toxins has a cumulative effect, and is detrimental to our health and well being.

These toxic chemicals can cause a range of problems from affecting children’s behaviour, birth defects, infertility and digestive problems. Weight gain, allergies, premature ageing, tumours and cancer have also been linked to chemical contamination of our food. In fact there are many other health problems that are also attributed to our regular exposure to chemicals.

Unfortunately many people remain unaware that the food that they are eating is laden with dangerous chemicals. Because we can’t see them or taste them; many people become complacent about their health or dismissive of the very real potential health risks of digesting chemical residue.

The average person will unknowingly consume around ½ kilogram of pesticides each year through the food they eat. This is a staggering amount; imagine the cumulative effects of digesting this amount of pesticides and fertilisers over many years?

Xenoestrogens are man-made oestrogens found in herbicides; the most famous one being DDT. These xenoestrogens cause an oestrogen dominance which has been linked to many health issues: some of which include endometriosis, PMS, breast cancer, impotence and infertility.

Our bodies simply cannot get rid of large amounts of toxins: the more you put into your body the harder it is to get rid of and the more side affects you will have including serious diseases like cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many more.

This is why we need to be aware of this danger and act (where possible) to reduce or avoid contact with these chemicals by choosing organic produce over non-organic produce.

Organic fruit and vegetables have been tested to show a much higher level of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which keeps our bodies healthy and functioning properly. These powerful nutrients help strengthen our immune system to fight off sickness and disease, and fight against free radical damage that causes premature aging of our skin and vital organs.

Much of our food chain is exposed to pesticides and man-made fertilisers which are absorbed into the fruit and vegetables or livestock that we eat. We are also exposed to a wide range of food additives such as artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, household cleaning chemicals, and impurities in our water supply and even the air that we breathe. All of these toxins have a cumulative effect as the build-up increases when we get older to the point where it starts to have a negative impact on our health.

Many fish are caught in polluted waters where they can be exposed to a number of toxins including high levels of mercury and heavy metals. The larger and older the fish is: means a greater chance for potential contamination. Poultry animals such as chickens and turkeys are dosed up on very high amounts of hormones whilst sheep, pigs and cattle brought up on commercial feed lots are fed unnatural foods such as grains instead of grazing on grass in open paddocks as nature intended.

It is now essential to be consciously aware of eating organic foods (where available) and fresh foods that are naturally high in antioxidants to remain healthy. There is a lot of information available about studies showing that increasing antioxidants into our diet slows the ageing process and improves our well being and longevity.

Organic Certification:

When a food product is certified as being organic, you know that you are getting good healthy nutritious food without all the harmful toxic chemicals found in conventionally farmed produce.

All our maqui berries are certified to be 100 percent organic and come with the strict Australian Certified Organic accreditation for your peace-of-mind. Being produced under these strict criteria; means that they have been grown as nature intended - the same way as they have been over many thousands of years. This means that these potent antioxidant-rich berries have been produced without the use of deadly toxic chemicals found in pesticides, herbicides and man-made fertilisers whilst adopting responsible and sustainable farming techniques.

Modern farming techniques in many industrialised countries revolve around the ‘more for less rule’. This means that large greedy multi-national companies often have a monopoly over the market and want to yield more tonnage per acre than is either practical or responsible - at the least possible cost to themselves. This usually produces crops that are larger in size, and well below standard in terms of nutritional value because the soil is often lacking essential minerals. The crops are subjected to large volumes of toxic chemical fertilisers, herbicides and pesticides – all of which are absorbed into the crops and eaten by you!

These chemicals and toxins can have a number of serious side effects such as preventing weight loss, allergies, digestive problems or even causing cancer. Any person wanting to be healthy should include a regular high daily intake of antioxidants in their diet.

Including a potent organic maqui berry supplement into your diet will give your intake of antioxidants a huge boost and will be highly beneficial to your overall good health.

Organic Maqui Berry

Enjoy the World’s most powerful Antioxidant Superfood daily for maximum vitality & physiological balance. Higher energy levels, increased stamina & a glowing complexion may be achieved by maintaining an ongoing natural health strategy. Australia’s Own MAQUI BERRY ACTIVATE is an excellent detoxifying & cleansing Superfood that can be easily incorporated to form an important part of a healthy lifestyle for adults & children alike.

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Maqui Berries will give your intake of antioxidants a boost and be highly beneficial to your overall good health
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