QUALITY OF LIFE – The most precious commodity

"Your Health is your greatest wealth" – so true & yet amazingly only the wise few ever really get hold of this crucial message & the gravity of its life-enhancing truth. Instead, most people actually treat their car better than their body, always being diligent to maintain its maximum performance level, lubricating all moving parts & never allowing its fuel to run near empty. What madness it is to give priority to a machine rather than our own personal living & breathing "Mega computer", especially when considering the body we live in is totally responsible for our very survival. Unbelievably, this is exactly what the majority of our society does.

Maqui Berry | Geoff Garlinge

The rest of the world & Asia in particular are now sadly following our poor example. As the pursuit of material wealth intensifies in the new global economy, so too the real Quality of life once enjoyed by so many rapidly diminishes. We then wonder why nursing homes become our final port of call, in some cases even for decades, when we should still be enjoying the wonderful gift of Health & its accompanying precious independence.

No Rolls Royce built will ever come close to matching the fantastic design & functions of the most intricate & resilient invention of all – the human body. Yet when it comes to caring for this most precious of all God-given gifts, incredibly, the norm has become to take it for granted & even abuse the many privileges it offers us. No one in their right mind would attempt to run their car on kerosene, or any less expect it to safely transport them to their desired destination – logic would dictate that you would experience a breakdown & end up where you did not want to go.

However, in a seemingly insane twist, intelligent people subject themselves to a bombardment of synthetic & toxic substances – none of which were never actually designed to be ingested or processed by the body. These same individuals then expect to function well, handle all kinds of pressure & stress associated with modern living & working life.

The presence of foreign & toxic elements (hidden in processed & refined foods, though now also prevalent in many so-called "naturals") slowly but surely cause a residual overload in the body. This build-up subsequently severely compromises the possibility of obtaining the true Quality of life we were designed to enjoy.

Promising so much via clever marketing & empty promises of energy, youthfulness & vitality, visually appealing fake corrupted foods & their inbuilt artificial additives such as preservatives, colours, flavourings etc are actually taking a heavy toll on our ability to live both long & well.

Tragically, the majority of those genuinely concerned about this situation & their Health & well being are manipulated by supposed Natural Health companies (owned by multi-national drug Corporations) to daily ingest synthetic & genetically modified vitamins. This in effect constitutes a misguided attempt to restore the Natural balance – leaving the poor consumer short-changed in the process. The result is expensive urine & a host of compounding ongoing negative Health issues via a false reliance upon these "plastic pseudo nutrients".

In short, it’s simply false hope for a better life. Of course, we cannot also overlook the huge impact on public Health in relation to environmental factors such as car, petrol & factory exhaust fumes, a multitude of air-borne toxic chemicals & pollutants, as well as the role genetic predisposition plays in certain forms of sickness & disease.

Neither can we ignore poor water quality/contamination or the definitive link between chronic stress & its many related compounding medical problems.

The well publicised multitude of negative consequences resulting from personal substance abuse, such as cigarette smoking & the consumption of alcohol & illicit drugs, are yet another major contributing factor. Some make the biggest mistake by shaking their fist at heaven, thereby becoming bitter & twisted in the process. In reality, it is indeed a miracle that we don’t all develop cancer at an early age in our modern polluted world - or at the very least spend the majority of our lives with severe chronic illness in the totally unbalanced society in which we live.

Once again, the body is an amazing gift – it is what we do with it that counts. Whilst still young & strong, we tend to believe the lie that we are indestructible. Down the road, usually only when we are not able to maintain & enjoy good Health, we begin to realise what a priceless gift our well-being really is - or was. Many of us go on to swallow the popular warped truth that it is simply old age that robs us of our real Quality of life. There are plenty more factors in addition to those already mentioned which detract from the ability to enjoy robust Health & in truth most of us act as our own worst enemy, rather than being ultimately kind to our bodies as logic & reason would indeed beg us to do.

Degenerative disease is another insidious Quality of life thief - especially in relation to cancer. Whilst cancer is a word that strikes fear into the hearts of a multitude of Australians, it doesn’t automatically equate to a death sentence. Nor does it mean that an aggressive stance cannot be taken in the fight against it to preserve & enhance Quality of life, both pre & post-diagnosis. Latest research predicts that 1 in 3 Aussies will develop some form of cancer in their lifetime. Prostate, breast, brain, bowel, lymphoma, liver & melanomas to name just a few have become an all too common part of our modern age.

Still, there is a tendency to say "it won’t happen to me". A rapidly growing move towards prevention, nutrition & supplementation is undoubtedly leading to better outcomes for cancer sufferers. This awareness & taking positive action should be the no.1 Health priority for all, rather than only those with a cancer diagnosis. Of course, no guarantees can or should be made in relation to curing cancer.

Even so, thousands have defied the odds by continuing to live full & productive lives, despite having a seemingly disastrous prognosis. Many of these individuals have positively changed their dietary habits & implemented an ongoing natural Health strategy incorporating an array of true Nutraceuticals & functional foods, thereby enhancing precious Quality of life.

Even an educated guess at one’s appointed number of days in this life is pure speculation & once again it’s all about Quality, not quantity. The world’s oldest woman, who died recently at age115, serves as a perfect example, having spent her last 35 years in a nursing home! Once trapped in such an institution, people sadly lose control of their precious independence, finances & most tragically their priceless dignity.

Wise individuals will do far better by always nourishing their body & especially the most vital organ – the brain. Multitudes of those who misguidedly believe & state they will never end up in an aged care facility nevertheless finish their lives having been stripped of their dignity, wearing a bib & being spoon fed pureed food. Only an ongoing genuine logical Natural strategy will facilitate the absolute best Quality of life scenario.

The choices are clear. Either we will formulate a functional & sustainable natural Health program to maintain & enhance our Quality of life, or else we will have a pharmaceutical strategy implemented for us, inevitably leading to an extremely sad conclusion.

If only we will get the point – today is the first day of the rest of our life. We need to make the most of every breath & what we have been given to us, keeping well so we may in turn care for others.

An attitude of gratitude is indeed the key to genuine happiness & fulfilment in life – good Health is an amazing gift to be embraced & enjoyed & its principles of common sense need to be freely shared for the benefit of all.

The basic rules & recommendations for maximising Quality of life & corresponding supplements are:

  • Keep your immune system strong – maintain Natural defence mechanisms (Lactoferrin, BTC, Propolis, Resveratrol). Exercise regularly but not excessively.
  • Maintain an alkaline state – acidic environment → inflammation(Correct Diet, Green Fusion, Sun Chlorella)
  • Keep inflammation down – chronic inflammation → degeneration (PainGo, MSM, Wild Salmon Oil, GLM, BTC)
  • Keep the gut balanced – for max. nutrient absorption & general well-being(Bee Pollen, Coc.Oil, Probiotics, SEP)
  • Maintain optimum brain Health – Crucial for all bodily functions (Acetylcholine, Pantothenic acid/B Group via FRJ, Ginkgo, Brahmi, Wild Salmon Oil, Flaxseed Oil)

GEOFF GARLINGE Dip HC(Medical Reg Aust)

Geoff Garlinge is a Health Counsellor, Nutritional Researcher & Specialist Consultant to the Natural Health Industry with 25 years experience in the field. His major passion is to nutritionally support cancer sufferers in Australia & abroad via a free advisory service. A feature writer to Practitioners at a national level, Geoff has also lectured with Professor Kerryn Phelps, Doctors & Practitioners on Natural Health strategies. Additionally, he is the author of many Natural Health articles & has been quoted in various Health publications including Good Medicine magazine as well as & his regular columns "Ask the Expert" & "What’s my Alternative?"

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