Maqui Berry will help your health
Maqui Berry is the highest antioxidant
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Antioxidants in Maqui Berries

Maqui Berry Antioxidants

Maqui berries contain an extraordinarily high concentration of anthocyanins which offer an array of health-promoting benefits and protect many body systems. These water soluble antioxidant flavonoids found in fruits and vegetables have some of the strongest physiological effects of any plant compounds and come in red, blue and purple pigments.

For years dieticians and nutritionists have emphasised the need to eat green leafy vegetables and also our red and yellow ones. Whilst these are still a very important part of eating and maintaining a balanced diet; the maqui berry is more beneficial to the body.

However the purple and red anthocyanins which are produced by plants are one of the strongest types of antioxidants known. Mother Nature has provided these types of plants with the maximum protection against the harsh sun, diseases, biological enemies and irradiation

Maqui Berry Antioxidants

This unique wonder berry also contains high levels of polyphenols which are a large group of natural compounds found in plant foods. The antioxidant capacity of polyphenols is much greater than that of vitamins and contributes to the beneficial health effects of fruit and vegetables.

An ORAC (Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity) scale is used by USDA researchers to help measure the effectiveness of certain foods as antioxidants.

Almost every food in the world is measured using this scale. Currently, the number one item on the list is the recently discovered maqui berry.

Maqui Berry Antioxidants

Why do our bodies need antioxidants?

We unavoidably absorb many different potentially dangerous toxins daily due to living in our toxic society where our bodies are exposed to air pollution from motor vehicles, cigarette smoke and manufacturing. We are also exposed to a wide range of household cleaning chemicals, prescription drugs and food additives such as artificial flavours and preservatives. Much of our food chain is also exposed to pesticides, herbicides and unnatural fertilisers which are absorbed into the fruit or vegetables we eat.

Many fish come polluted waters where they can be exposed to a number of toxins including high levels of mercury and heavy metals. The larger and older the fish is: means a greater chance for potential contamination. Poultry animals such as chickens and turkeys are dosed up on very high amounts of hormones whilst sheep and cattle brought up on commercial feed lots are fed unnatural foods such as grains instead of grazing on grass in open paddocks as nature intended.

As a result they often become sick and are fed anti-biotics – all of which we consume at the dinner table. The build-up of these deadly toxins has a cumulative effect over time resulting in damage to our vital organs from free radicals. Many of these toxins are proven to be carcinogenic which means they can cause tumors and cancer.

The powerful antioxidants in maqui berries can help protect you from toxins commonly found in our ever increasingly polluted environment.

Enjoy the World’s most powerful Antioxidant Superfood daily for maximum vitality & physiological balance. Higher energy levels, increased stamina & a glowing complexion may be achieved by maintaining an ongoing natural health strategy. Australia’s Own MAQUI BERRY ACTIVATE is an excellent detoxifying & cleansing Superfood that can be easily incorporated to form an important part of a healthy lifestyle for adults & children alike.

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