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The recommended daily intake is 2 capsules a day.

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Maqui Berry
Maquiberry Activate + 60 caps
1 month supply + Delivery Australia wide
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Maquiberry Activate+ 60 caps
2 months supply + Delivery Australia wide
Maquiberry Activate+ 180 caps
3 months supply + Delivery Australia wide
2 x Maquiberry Activate+180
6 months supply + Delivery Australia wide
Maquiberry Activate 150g Powder
Suitable to mix in with juice, smoothies or other recipes requiring powder form.
+ Delivery Australia wide
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Enjoy the World’s most powerful Antioxidant Superfood daily for maximum vitality & physiological balance. Higher energy levels, increased stamina & a glowing complexion may be achieved by maintaining an ongoing natural health strategy. Australia’s Own MAQUI BERRY ACTIVATE is an excellent detoxifying & cleansing Superfood that can be easily incorporated to form an important part of a healthy lifestyle for adults & children alike.

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Benefits of Maqui Berry

Maqui Berries will give your intake of antioxidants a boost and be highly beneficial to your overall good health
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Use Maqui Berry for a quality of life

A special message from Geoff Garlinge, Australia’s Own Certified Health Counsellor
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